Why the Wagars are what they are

Jessica -N- Ruby Suprise Baby shower-- and it really was a SUPRISE!

Yes it did turn out to be a suprise.. Here are some pictures to show the fun we had.

I wanted Jess and Ruby to have a good time and I think they both did!=)

Ashley Nelson ( Lamb) A MARRIED WOMAN!

This is Ashley's Bachelorette Party! She Looks HOT! What a fun night to hang with the wedding party. She looked BEAUTIFUL on her wedding day and the wedding went smoothly. She went to Hawaii for 10 DAYS!! --Love ya Ash

FYI--Abby Bain took these Pictures!!=) Hire her out for all your special occasions!...she did a good job!

MAMA'S to BE!!--

Nalia Cant wait to meet her first Girl Cousin RUBY!!!!!! JESS will be such a good mommy and I cant wait to grow together as friends, sisters, and NOW MOMMIES!!!!! LOve Ya JESS

This is Abby and she has one of the coolest bellies i have ever saw!! Ilove it! Baby Ezriah will be here soon. I think the first week in Sept. well see im not making any promises!!!-HA
LOve ya Abby and cant wait to be mommy friends and have play dates!!


Nalia and I laying in the GRASS-look at her TEETH! HA

No more BOB =(

I am no longer NURSING Nalia. She is still looking looking for her "BOBS". Sorry baby they are no Longer yours..they are now back to being Daddy's!!!!!!!

NALIA TURNS 1--!!!!!

Nalia's Birthday!!

4th Of JULY

Casey is throwing GUS in the river!!

At the lake and here are a few pictures!!

I will Give you all a BIG UP DATE ON OUR LIFE!!

SO.....In the last few months since I up dated this we have ALMOST finished re-modeling our house, celebrated Nalias 1st Birthday, and been WAY WAY WAY too STRESSED...But thats Life Right--

Ill start with the befores of our house. This house was NASTY!!! DIRTY!!! pee and poop stains on old carpet, dust and mold like you would not believe--- Now this was not just a paint the walls and get new light fixtures this was,
re-finish the hardwood floors, re do kitchen cabinets, trim the WHOLE house including windows, new sinks and fixtures, rip up laminate in kitchen, laundry and bathroom to lay bamboo flooring, paint walls, paint trim (all with a spray gun) knock down a small wall.texture the whole house, so some sheet rocking.oh and I wanted a arch over my shower so that was another project to add to the list, re- wiring stuff and the list goes ON AND ON--- We did it all in a SMALL budget so that means that none of this was hired out trav did IT ALL--OK so there if a bit of life on the house-