Why the Wagars are what they are



my mom did nalias hair and nalia dressed herself...hmmmmmmm..=)


cool nalia

girls girls girls

Nalia woke up from her nap and wanted to cuddle with her sister...

Adah smiles the BIGGEST when she get out of shower and is in travs arms...

8 weeks today

Adah'Jane was 11 pounds 1 oz at her 8 week check up.. Bigger than little sweet Nalia. Both Perfect!

Adah is in the green Hammock..at a tiny baby just kicking back...

FYI-Adah's hair is blonde on top and brown on sides ...flash does not help...ha

Hi Gui

6 weeks TODAY!!

..babies are hard to take pictures of...just look at you with out any expression...

2 days old