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Miss Nalia still will not let me pull back her hair so i cut her bangs pixie.. i love them.. she looked at herself and goes "So CUTE Mommy"

worst week last week!

This picture shows a diagram illustrating the development of a blood clot inside a hemroid forming a thrombosed hemroid which becomes very painful and may bleed profusely.
TUE MORNING: I went to the bathroom normal and easy as can be... Started my morning and noticed that something feels inside out... HMMMMMM.. something that should NEVER BE...Yes BUTT....
That evening went to doc and he said that I have 2 nice size hemorrhoids out my butt.. they HUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTT so BBBAAAAAAAADDDDDDDDDD.....(I saw a Doc that is not smart but knew that this was not normal, Dr Rampton who delivered Nalia was gone til Friday) The pressure from the baby being SOOOOOOOOOOOOO low is shoving them out my butt...He also said that in 2 pushes the baby could be out and even though i knew that i was not in labor he said i still need to go to the maternity floor at the hospital. Went there and the WACK doc there shoved the Hems back UP.. YEAH,,,not cool... to only have them fall back out by the time i got to my car. THE QUACK doc..i will stop myself there....
From tue to Fri I had to lay on my back, ice my butt, apply 3 different creams, could not pick up my daughter and could not move. I wanted to sleep this part of my life away, I was MISERABLE.. worse than LABOR yes ladies you heard me right~
Fri at 8:30 i got into see rampton and he gave me a shot in my hole..2 to be exact..sliced them.. gutted them.. and sewed me back up...sent me home to again soak in the tub all day...He said that I had what appeared to be frost bite on my butt from all the creams and ice i was putting on. Rampton said that this should have never gone on this long and that someone should have removed them.. HMMM yEAH i thought the same thing when i called DR. PETE and said SEND ME TO A SPECIALIST. I will be writing that doc a letter for Horrible care... Down below is a better description of what it is that i had... But its all worth it for this sweet baby!!=)
I mean that REALLY!
---By sat i was feeling SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better and could walk pretty normal.---

Treatment of Thrombosed Hemorrhoids

It is possible for blood clots to break up and be re-absorbed by your body. This can happen over a four to six week period. However, if a thrombosed hemorrhoid grows and creates more pain or there is considerable swelling, it may be necessary to have surgery.

Removing a blood clot can be done at a doctor's office or as an outpatient procedure. Under no circumstances should a blood clot be removed at home as it can lead to severe bleeding and trauma.
The doctor has a number of procedures to choose from when extracting a blood clot. Once quick and easy choice is to make a cut above the clot so it can be squeezed out. However, the probability of blood clots reforming and additional pain remains greater with this procedure. While more intrusive, a full hemorrhoidectomy removes the clot and the blood vessels, leading to better cure results. Both procedures use local anesthesia to numb the area that needs to be cut.

It is recommended that thrombosed hemorrhoids surgery be done within the first three days of symptoms. After that period of time, the level of hemeroids symptom relief may not be as significant and there could be more recovery time required. There is also the possibility that the thrombosed hemorrhoids will go away without treatment.

how cool is this....

its been the BEST thing ever to be pregnant with my mid-wife....
she is 37 weeks and I am 35 weeks.....

Family Shots

The best ones that Lavenda could get while having a CRAZY 2 year old!!=)

And the name is..............

Adah'Jane is her FIRST NAME( Pronounce is ADD-UH)

The meaning of the name Adah is Adornment. Jane's meaning is God is Gracious.

That is my final answer...
Copy 10-4-over and out....

Maternity Pictures!! I am IN LOVE with them ALL!!

I AM MORE than in LOVE witht these pictures! They are beyond perfect!! I MEAN BEYOND!

Thank you LAVENDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and the "farmer one" is a picture I always wanted to do with trav... just didnt have a pitch fork...so why not do it when i am pregnant!!=)

Nalia LOVES her PAPA

Nalia reading and dancing....

Nalia now likes to read books to US,,which we love!!!

Nalia is taking a dance, song and tumbling class. I asked if she can be in the 3-4 year old class and so its new for her BUT she loves it...Following directions from a teacher and I just sit back and watch. She LOVES to dance so its perfect for her!

Free Dog

My friend has to get rid of her beloved dog. Great with kids..she needs lots of attention (what female doesnt?)3 years old. comes with food and bed.... FREE..

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