Why the Wagars are what they are

Nalia is getting so old... goes by TOO fast!!

Lord God, when I'm missing what was, remind me that it is still here, carried deep within.

1 month old

at 4 week appt she was 8 pounds 15 oz.

Nalia and Me and Adah'Jane, Travis as a baby... and a few other things

The baby hammock i have and love it!
ITS A MUST!! explain more later...

Adah'Jane is 4 weeks today and 1 month on the 21st

Nalia and Adah look somewhat alike but the fact that Adah has pretty much no hair and Nalia was almost a mexican looking baby can throw me off... Adah's nose is still adjusting to being smashed so long in the womb..final outcome is yet to come..

I can see that in the face i look like Adah. but then again I see trav looking like her..
well see... thats the fun.. waiting.. well actually i am very impatient so its not too fun to me!

I love my girls!

She loves to eat... double chin starting out.. this is the ONLY time that its cute to be cross eyed with a double chin..

I borrowed jessicas camera!

This picture is a special picture.I cant stand cats at ALL.. we have 2 living in our backyard somehow (so if you want it come and get it!) Trav was showing Nalia how to scare them. I caught the face expressions and all. Priceless huh!!=)

I caught this!!! I will cherish this one forever.. but her dimple is covered.


lavenda stoppped by...

lavenda snapped a few shots.
the newborn stage is completed for me now that i have these!!

thanks lavenda!!!!!!!!!!


I only have a camera phone so pictures are not best quality.

2 weeks

I wonder will they look like twins or sisters?

I can tell they they look ALOT alike.. but EVErYDAY Adah changes sooooooooooooo much.. so it will be a suprise.