Why the Wagars are what they are

some older videos of Nalia

nalia eating mac and cheese..listen for the Fart!

So when one of our exchange students lived with us, his name is Mohammad, he would make this noise when describing him being beat in Nigeria. Nalia picked it up.

I have been told that Nalia looks like baby Suri,, She sure does not think so, the face says it all!!!!!

Beco Baby Carrier

Holds even a infant as well
Hold kid on back of ya

Hold then on front of you
I think this will be our next purchase to save for. Since Nalia is not a stroller baby this is it!
check out the site at www.becobabycarrier.com

Happy Birthday Abby Bain!

Im glad you were born!! Hope you had a GREAT DAY! Love Ya!

If your pregnant this is for you!

If you are pregnant or know someone that is then this is for you! The Pregnancy Alt Center is doing FREE ULTRASOUNDS so that the ultrasonographer can be certified. This will be overseen by a medical professional. Dates are April 1-4 or April 16-19.

You have to be over 7 weeks pregnant. Call 541-258-3500 to schedule appt. This located at 136 W Vine street Lebanon, Oregon

Nalia and her own talking...

So Nalia is not into talking english, but would rather talk in her own language. This is a glimpse of it. She does say Mommy cute though.

Nalia Rain Photo Shoot

I was bored so why not take pictures of Nalia Rain...

She is almost out.......................

I think this is such a perfect picture of Nalia right before she is about to fall asleep in her car seat. HA


I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of her looking at the fish! So sweet!

So this was Nalia's first time at the zoo. She loved every second of it. That is as long as she is by her daddy. That's why I'm not in very many pic. This was TOTALLY a Daddy/Daughter Day.

Come on BOYS! SWIM your heart OUT!!!!

So after a miscarriage, a total make-over in our marriage, and paying off debt we are starting to try for another baby. So March 23rd (my most fertile day)which is Easter and my mom birthday will be the day! WOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We really are wanting Gods timing for all of this. Another lesson for me to learn cause I'm the most impatient person ever...EVER.... The miracle of life is AMAZING and i cant wait to experience it again, including the burning ring of fire!
Jesus raising from the dead wont be the only MIRACLES were celebrating on the 23rd.