Why the Wagars are what they are

Lavenda Memory is behinde the camera


or she is on my list of things/people i dig to see her blog

She has taken all my sling pictures !
shes the BEST!

Also anyday she will be having her sweet Ella!!!

wide eyed


My baby Pearl

adah a few weeks ago...

I'm totally digging it...

Enter Bumboosa. Bumboosa wipes are great because they’re made of bamboo, which is is not only naturally sustainable, but the wipes themselves are biodegradable. No trees are harmed in the making of these wipes. They’re soft, with a nice orange smell to them and they don’t seem to dry out the way regular wipes do. I mean, yes, they dry out, but it seems to be a slower process. This is nice, because do you know how many times I’ve left half a wipe hanging out of the package?

http://www.bumboosa.com/home.html check er out

If i have ever.......

If i have at some point done your make up and you have pictures please send them to my e mail


putting together a make up web site