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Chinese Medicine is my friend

So I went to go and see a Natural doctor to find out I have

WHO: Caylan
WHAT: Found out why I could not get pregnant over the now going on 8 months.
WHEN: Saturday at Dr. Molly's office. Her web-site is harmonizinghealthcare.com
WHERE: Portland, Oregon
WHY: I want a BABY!
HOW: I will take a mixture for the month of Aug. to clean out the uterus and Sept we will be back into the swing of things.Kinda weird that I may be due in the same month but a year later. can you believe it --A YEAR LATER!--

I was so relieved to finally have answers as to why I was not getting pregnant. To sum it ill say it like this:

After my D&C I had to go back to emergency room cause I was delivering clots from down below.Over the 7 cycles that I have had they have gone down in size but I still have them monthly. When there is a problem your body naturally clots the blood.(that is what the nurse told me at the ER, she said that is true in the uterus.)Its clots to stop the bleeding. So every month I bleed ALOT and it clots also. So in the Chinese medicine that is NOT GOOD. VERY BAD, and they call it infertility. Until the bleeding and clotting is taken care of you will remain infertile cause your body cant carry a baby to full term let alone get pregnant.

Below things are better said and are some good things to know about your own cycle. Great things to keep in mind when trying to conceive.

Flow: is the rate that the blood is flowing from the uterus out the vagina. A healthy flow is good and steady, this is a sign that the qi is flowing smoothly in the body, there is sufficient blood nourishing the endometrium and the uterus is effectively emptying out the old blood. An unhealthy flow is when there is a scanty flow, a very heavy flow, an irregular flow that stops and goes or any spotting. The flow can be noted with S=spotting, L=light, M=medium, H=heavy and N=nothing on your Chinese fertility chart.

Color: is indicative of the health of the blood and hence the health of the endometrium. Healthy menstrual blood is bright red and a good consistency. Unhealthy menstrual blood can be watery pink, light red, dark red, purplish or brown. These colors can be recorded on fertility calendars with the first letter of the color; R, P, L, D, P, or B. Lighter colored blood in TCM means blood deficiency and darker blood indicates increasing levels of blood stagnation.

Clots: mean that the qi and blood in the uterus is not flowing smoothly and therefore clots are formed. In TCM this is called blood stagnation. The size of clots range from threadlike strings of coagulated blood to chunks 1-5 cm in length. Numerous clots are one of the symptoms looked for in endometriosis. Clots can be reported on an Chinese fertility chart with numbers indicating quantity from 1 to 3. Just a few clots would be a 1.

Cramps: are a sign that the qi is not flowing smoothly. Since the qi is responsible for moving the blood, stagnant qi can not move the blood out of the uterus effectively and there are cramps. The uterus has its own innate intelligence and if the blood is not flowing, it will contract to push the blood out. These are the cramps that are fixed and painful. When the qi is flowing smoothly and the cycle is regulated, there are no menstrual cramps. TCM is very effective in this area. Cramps can also be recorded on ovulation calendars with the pain intensity rated from 1 to 3.

Breast distension: or pain in the breasts or nipples is again a sign of qi stagnation. In TCM we call this liver qi stagnation because the liver meridian is responsible for the free flow of qi in the body and it is largely involved in both the menstrual cycle and breast health. Also, breast pain that occurs regularly with the cycle can also signify excess prolactin (the lactation hormone) in the body. In the ovulation fertility calendar, breast distension may be noted with a + when it occurs.

Low back pain: that occurs premenstrually or with the period can mean that there is qi or blood stagnation, but usually it denotes a weakness in the kidney meridian. Often times this is either kidney yin or kidney yang deficiency. When there is low back pain, the Chinese fertility chart may be marked a + when the pain occurs.

Headaches: are extremely common with the use of oral birth control pills. It appears that the introduction of exogenous hormones causes qi stagnation. The gallbladder meridian that is paired with the liver meridian, travels up to the head and therefore when there is liver qi stagnation, it can affect the gallbladder meridian in the head. In fertility calendars, headaches may be recorded as a + when they occur.

Moods: can also be interpreted from a TCM perspective. Anger, impatience and frustration corresponds with a stagnant liver meridian. Sadness, crying, and depression demonstrate the involvement of the heart meridian. Worry, over thinking and a feeling of being overwhelmed point to the spleen meridian. In ovulation calendars, moods may be noted with a A for angry, S for sad and O for overwhelmed.

A tampon is like cork to the uterus

In order to properly analyze your menstrual blood, it is helpful to be using sanitary pads or something that allows the blood from the uterus to flow freely. A tampon is like a cork to the uterus. Often the uterus (which desires to clear the old blood to make way for the new) will contract when corked, which is why Day 1 cramps are common with tampon use. If the cervix is blocked with a tampon, there can be a back flow of blood out through the fallopian tubes to the pelvic cavity. This back flow of blood is called retrograde flow and is one of the theories for the cause of endometriosis (the growth of endometrial tissue outside of the uterus.)

As mentioned above, blood has to move freely within the Uterus in order for nourishment of the embryo to occur. Anything that stops or slows the Blood will result in Blood Stagnation. Blood stagnation can produce masses in the abdomen. These masses can be very painful to the touch. Pressure on the abdomen makes the pain worse. Masses can interfere with implantation of the embryo, by physically blocking the area where implantation can occur. If the blood isn't moving, proper nourishment won't be available even if implantation occurs. Blood stagnates from a number of causes. Proper circulation of blood according to Chinese Medical Theory depends upon the presence of Qi. The Qi has to circulate throughout the meridians, collaterals, muscles and vessels of the body in order for Blood to follow. The Liver controls Qi circulation.

Oh my gosh #1

I told everyone about her birth but never published it!
Here she is... I usually tell everyone that asks about Miss Bella to see her pretty face at Abby and Dennys Blog. Next time I see her I will get some pictures!

I cant believe it.......#2

I am not a good blogger. I did not say Happy Birthday to Jessica on my blog.... Gee what was i thinking...In every picture she has a different stlye of hair cut and all look GOOD!

HAppy Birthday

Betsy, Ruby...are you in?

So Ruby and Besty these are priddy much the coolest shoes out. Do you think that you parents will let you buy them? Let me know what color you choose if they say yes.
They are made the brand Simple. Eco friendly.. our parents will like that for sure

Text me later,

Date Night

So we had a date night with Nalia. Ate Pizza at the park,played then she watched her first Disney movie.Finding Nemo. Her and I were not too interested w/ that paticular one.But Trav was...=)

Mcdowell creek

We were so hot in our house so we went to Mcdowell Creek.... Nalia loved the water. and of course by the end of the night her clothes were off.. Like mother like daughter... She waved goodbye to the water...on the way home it was hot so she needed my shades, and this is her right before bed. I still dont know if when trav puts Nalia to bed, if he is putting her to bed or if she is putting him to bed....

Pay Admission

This one is for Nalias room. Something that still needs to be added is a scripture out of the message bible... Live a Lovers Life.....

This one Ashley painted the bird and i did the rest. This is for Bella and the other one that Ashley helped me more with is in Rubys room.

THis is the one i had the most hands on and did most of it. woo hoo...But ashley did come in and help w/ blending of colors and making my stick look more real. ..oh and she did the blue bird.

This is the HUGE one that Ashley painted.

I now feel that when I walk through my own house I have to pay admission as if im at a art show... BUT I LOVE IT. Here are the pictures that were done. Minus one that is still in the makings.


1. Nalia is not longer a baby.WEIRD
2. 36 is a common number in my life right now
3. I really enjoy where I am at in life right now
4. I really LOVE my sis-in-law Jessica. We have some good chats and laughs lately
5. I am really learning to paint.
6. A huge painting in my living room is done. STORY TIME- Over 7 months ago trav came home and I told him that I had a vision for a painitng on the wall. I said it will be HUGE. So he went out in the garage and built it. SO for over 7 months it was blank cause I dont have how to paint. I had it in my head and thats it. My good friend Ashley Swindoll painted it for me . She is a amazing artist.AMAZING!!
7. We dont have AC so lately dinner has been on the living room floor next to the fan
8. Our raised garden is almost complete.
9. I am really close to be at peace about not being pregnant. 90% of the way there
10.We ate at Cloud9 and liked it. Friday date nights.(just started that this week)
11.In August is our 3 year anniversary and Nalia and I birthdays.

My two girls, Have a extra room?



If you are willing or know someone that is able to be a welcome family for a exchange student. I have 2 girls. One name is Sophie and she is from Germany and the other is Vera who is from Norway.

A welcome family is just someone that will house a student for a few weeks til they start school and find someone to live with the rest of the school year.

Be Natural

Top Ten Sun Blocks to Buy~

1. Blue Lizard (anything without oxybenzone)
2. California Baby (anything with SPF 30+)
3. CVS with zinc oxide
4. Jason Natural Cosmetics Sunbrellas Mineral Based Sunblock
5. Kiss My Face “Paraben Free” series
6. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin Sunblock
7. Olay Defense Daily UV Moisturizer (with zinc)
8. SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense
9. Solar Sense Clear Zinc for Face
10. Walgreens Zinc Oxide for Face, Nose, & Ears

• SPF 30 or higher for best protection.
• At least 7% zinc oxide or titanium dioxide for broad
spectrum protection.
AVOID• Oxybenzone or benzophenone-3: skin absorption,
allergies, hormone problems
• Spray and powder sunscreens: inhaling sunscreens can
pose extra risks
• Fragrance: allergies, reproductive problems
• Sunscreen with added bug repellent: you can get too
much of the pesticide in your body
• Coppertone, Neutrogena and Banana Boat: fewer than
5% of their products are recommended as safe and effective

To learn more about what REALLY is in all your cosemetics and perfume look up this web site and be amazed at how much crap you are wearing and not even aware of it...its actually kinda freaky....www.cosmeticsdatabase.com

The Yummy Mummy Maternity Pictures *edited*

Beautiful, Perfect Belly, Green Eyes, Stunning, Fit and HOT MAMA....

A few repeats...OOPS