Why the Wagars are what they are

Jesus is that you?

Im sure many of you have saw this before but I thought it was WAY COOL!!!!!!!!!

I'm seeing double.........

Note: her right eye watered that why the eyeliner is a little off..But she still looked too good not to post it!=)

I did these two adorable twins make-up for my web page that I'm starting. Here are a few of the FUN pictures that I took of them, they don't look 14 that's for sure!! The picture I posted of Jessica I did her make up for her wedding too and she looks PERFECT! Another thing that I want to pursue is PHOTOGRAPHY. But i always have to tell myself one thing at a time!

One Hot MAMA!!--------------------------

I think Jessica is STUNNING in this picture!! Like she should be in a magazine!! BEAUTIFUL MAMA!

Lavenda Memory is a married woman!

this was BEAUTIFUL Lavenda Memory!! She was married Sunday in Portland at The Old Church downtown Portland. She was vintage original. Will post more pic when I get them. This was taken with my camera phone...

For my friends who have not saw Nalia for a while...

Thumbs up.... tring out her skateboard trav got her before she was born...
Nalia now only wants to feed herself...its a pretty picture huh!

This is her trying to put mascara on herself.....

ALWAYS ALWAYS wants to do what daddy is doing....


Snowboarding-- i will get some more photo of that..... this is just 2 cute ones with nalia--!


This is Marrydith one of my FAVORITE exchange students from Norway. In case you dont know I place exchange students with host families as a part time job from home. She is very special to our family.

What a KID!

So trav was quite the kid... He was a homeschool boy with quite the thought life... He wrote these things down as a "Note to Self", something not to forget whenever he gets married... ..Now remember he was only 13 years old!!! There are 9 pages front and back so I will limit my quotes!

Here we Go....

You love Jesus as much as you love the one you love the least.

Ask your wife how her day was, just talk to her.

Dont just tell your kids "yes" or "no" or "dont do that" explain why. dont put your kids off, treat them better than you treat yourself.

Pray alot

Stay in Shape

Be correctable

Anything you let stand between you and Christ is a idol.

Alot of times you cant ask your wife what she wants for whatever occasion your planning on getting it for, She needs to know you thought about it ans she needs to know that she is wanted.

this one is great!!!!-- Use very little if any lava rocks in your yard.

this one cracks me up too!!! "this may sound weird but a good kind of respect toward your wife is how phil respets and treats his wife on the Fresh Prince. i told you is sounds weird, expect when he goes behinde her back, you know all the times im talking about"

Hold in odd bodily noises and excuse yourself.

Get a low fat cook book and exercise every night. the key, though it is to have a plan and stick to it.

If you tease your wife make sure you dont do anything to hurt her feelings (dont ever hurt her feelings and make sure that it is an appropiate time with an appropiate subject and an appropiate way of saying it.

Now my spell check is not working-- so there will prob be some words spelled wrong....

I love this man that I married, he cracks me up though!! HA