Why the Wagars are what they are

starting at a young age!

Driving at age 1.

GRASS and its GREEN!

A few sat. ago my dad and I planted grass. Tilled it all up and ranked it a thousand too many times. Well my dad did most of the work but with me having to watch nalia my hands were full. He is a GOOD helpful DAD.... THANKS AGAIN!

New Winter Coat!

I was laughing so hard when she tried walking in this jacket, i just had to get my camera to capture the moment.We bought this jacket when Nalia was only a few months old. It says 12-18 months but I think its a little big or Nalia is just on the small side.

Blue Eyes like her DADDY!

Nalias eyes reminde me so much of her daddy. Cant wait til she is older and I can do her make-up!

Found the pictures! HERE SHE IS RUBY RUBY!

She is even BEAUTIFUL when she sleeps



I Cant believe that I did not do a GRAND ENTRANCE sooner for my FAVORITE Little RUBY! HEre she is. When i get my camera to my parents i will show you the rest of the ones that I took the other day! FUnny FUnny!

One of my FAVORITE Paintings!

I just love ART, this one is so beautiful to me. I know that nipple can throw you off, but i love it!

Nalia --chilling on the slide

We think she looks so old in this pic. Kinda like her second grade pic as my brother told me~ HA

I really like this MAN,...... silly picture ---oh well

Meet trav good friend RONNIE

He was there right after I had Nalia at 2:58 in the morning. A good friend~

Grandpa and Grandma WAGAR W/ Cousins

Nalia with her cousin- Picking at something

Here is Nalia other Grandparents, With all 2 grandkids. Sammy and Isiah--i think thats how you spell his name--

Teaching Nalia Sign_language

She so far she knows how to do Daddy and Mommy... trying to teach her milk...oh and my dad is teaching her OLD---i think its random but i like it=)

A day at the Washington Park

We has such a fun time- Nalia played FOREVER!

Jamie and Daniel

This is one of my Doula clients. She and her husband are so sweet. Her belly is beautiful...they will make GREAT parents to their little girl. ANYDAY now and we will get to meet her.........I had a fun time taking pregnancy pic oh her!


Abby looks GREAT!--- Baby has enough hair to go around. Well her mommy is a hair stylist so it works out great

Betsy and Nalia PLay Date

I love how Betsy gives Nalia Sweet HUGS!
They are quite the pair, Cant wait til they can have sleepovers!=)

Nalia Rain in her jogging stroller

She just loves being outside- I think her face captures that too!