Why the Wagars are what they are

New Birth Doula Web-site


So both girls were down for a nap so i decided to make a new web site for my Doula business... The web site is FREE..pretty cool..
Its a new web address... check er out...

I still need to add links to Lavenda and Laurens photography since its all over the place on my blog!!
PLUS i need to swap out some picture and add some more info.. But I am stoked I got this far...

Off to camping,..

Mama's Nest..Extending the womb experience

Here is just a sneak peak as to what I will be selling.

www.mamasnest.weebly.com/index.html ...so much more to come

~slings (Men-Women-Children)
~baby blankets
~crib bedding
~ I will send out a finished web-site when I am done.

Thanks to Lavenda Memory.
She has designed my preview web-site and done all the photography.


bum genius

got adah cloth diapers.
organic all in one
LOVE them

This was the best option for us.. since i dont like all the chemicals in other diapers...buying chlorine free is TOO expensive..and I HATE HATE HATE pre-folds.

its super easy.. and we are on the go people... i dont find this to be too much...

Samantha.. YES 6 months on out is the best(to me that is)... you hit some rough spots but its SOOOO cool the older they get.. you will love to see the personality come out and you will be ready to start all over again!!!


-Sleeping 9pm-5am---or---10pm-6am
smiling non-stop...
growing hair..slowly.still has light blonde on top and brown on back and sides.
really long..small rolls on legs...sporting the double chin.
Nursing like she is starving ..ALL THE TIME NURSING
likes to roll from back to side...
follows me with her eyes to make sure her supply in not leaving..
Still wont take a bottle..BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-A date night is not cool with someone attached to your boob.--
Eyes are still blue...
Ah I am loving life.
Coming up on three months i cant really remember or want to remember life with out her.
I can fit into my jeans.. they are snug.. but they are on...YES!!

Rain bird is the best big sister...
She always tells Adah" Dont worry I got you baby"
She loves to hold her hand.
Is patient when she cries.
Tells me when Adah spits up..But nalia calls is "spill up" not sure why
Funny thing that Nalia does is Gag Dry Heave when she sees Adah spit it--its FUNNY

Nalia is almost 3 and is not starting to have the melt downs.. attitude...at a whole new level.. But like Kevin Leman says, Gotta pull the rug from under them. and thats what i do...
she is talking more.
I am not just saying this cause I feel like I have to. But I love being a mom. I may not always look like it but I do...

God has really showed us some amazing things about working as a team. What it means to be partners and STRIVE to serve one another..talk out our disagreements.. (we have TONS).. many agree to disagree.. sometimes were like night and day. But cant have one without the other.. I like how Jess puts it when her and casey.. Jelly and Peanut-butter.. something like that....
We together have learned to grow new hearts for our new girl. and together admit we dont like the newborn stage... I mean dont like it.. We both love around 6 months and on.. We have our moments we tuck away at this age dont get me wrong.

Man trav and I have this UNBELIEVABLE DESIRE to SELL OUT MAN.. just to live minimal..goes with out so that we can GIVE SERVE AND LOVE!I am not just saying that. We are actively striving new ways to do so. With BALANCE of couse. See balance is one thing that I am learning. I am very very very black and white. I have my extremes but I am learning and coming around. Reading does our souls Good. Talking when the kids are in bed.. we talk like we did way back in the day..its cool cause its like hey we CAN go to bed together.. I remember when we were dating talking ForeVER into early morning cause we didnt want to leave eachother.. AHHH..as nalia would ssay"so cute"

God is doing a cool work in our personal lives and in our marraige and in our family.
Something is BREWING and i cant wait to see the outcome.

Trav-he just landed a HUGE painting job. I mean huge like 54 duplex complexes. he is painting 20 and giving other 34 to a contracting friend. They have to be done by oct16. He is booked into November. Praise God. People ask how are you staying so busy, Trav says "I Pray"..Simple huh.. but we forget and he often says I stress about money and winter coming and the economy being self employeed. But WHY? God will take care of his Children! Amen Right?!

Caylan- I am starting a mini business making sling/baby blanket/burp rags.. for rightnow. I will post things up when its all up and running. Smart Lavenda thought of "Mama's Nest.."extending the wombs experience. Cool huh! I love it.
I have so far 4 exchange students placed.
Just did make up for a wedding last 2 saturdays...

I want to make money.. not to buy "things" but to give to those who need a hand.
I know that God will bless my MANY million ideas... those that I follow in HIS timing not mine....

Write more later. But I never write on this thing... so this is plenty EH?

I am not proof reading or checking my spelling.. so hope you can make it all out.


I was almost to sleep when I felt something land on my neck chest area...i flicked it and jumped onto travis then off the bed and threw the blankets off...
It was dark so in the midst of me freaking out trav is trying to find the light. He didnt have his contacts in so it took a extra 10 sec. I said I think a moth flew into me...We looked on the bed sheets to find a FREAKIN HUGE SPIDER>... WHAT THE ...
I was grossed out.. Freaked out..Wanted to grab my kids and set the house on fire.. Grab trav too...

Next to the spider is travs guitar pick..it was HUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEEE!
I still feel even today I can feel it crawling on me...not cool man....

We all crammed into Nalias bed. (she has a queen bed)I slept like crap thinking another one was going to jump on me.

I think the spider came in thru window. Our window was open(with screen in window) and the window is on top of where our bed is.. UHHHHH sooo GROSS....

So much for family photos.. HA,..some good older pics too..

Nalia was a flower girl in a wedding.
Attempted a family picture.. this was the best one..Hmmmm...next time maybe?...
A frog Ruby and Nalia found in their pool.
Trav and I had our picture taken. First one is what FEELS like a LONG time.
Mommy and Adah..