Why the Wagars are what they are

Adventures of Potty Training!

2 words to sum it up.
BITTER- Cleaning up pee on floors all day long.. cant leave house and when you do you have that knot in your stomach thinking you will be the mom whos kid dumps a load in the safe-way isle. She cant just sit on couch with you, lay in bed with you, go in car with you, go for walks in stroller with out asking.. Do you have to go potty? YOU SURE? lets try anyways....Lets just say if you didnt know we had a kid you would think that we were training a puppy to become potty trained. Puppy pads EVERYWHERE!
~I am not going to do the whole pull up's at night then undies during the day..If she is going to wear undies that means she will not wear a diaper again...Why i am being so extreme is cause she LOVES her diapers and going back and forth will be confusing to her.. well at least i think..

SWEET- Dude NO MORE DIAPERS! How much better does that get. When next baby comes nalia will be a POTTY CHAMP! YEEEEEEEESSSSS! PLUS its so cool to see a little mind work at something and when I go potty Nalia goes YEEEAAAAAHHHH MOMMMMMYYYY...it makes all the messy pee spills worth it. She loves her potty chart with stickers and gets a chip when she pees in potty...

First Day Monday

pee at least 8 times on floor. Once in Wal-Mart check out line.
BUT went to store and bank earlier and did GReAT no messes... also slept thru night with out any messes.

Day 2 Tueseday:

Poop in potty first time...
Jessica came over to watch her for a few hours (what a good sister in law HUH?) I work at Preg Alt Center so had to leave. I was telling Jess how awesome she did and while I am saying that she pees on floor... But did great for jess and since 10am no messes. Napping now and so far no pee on her puppy bad she is laying on. She went down about 1:45 and its now 5. Last time she went pee was for Jessica at 11:30. Well see if she wakes up DRY. lets hope. this will put puppy pads to the test to see what they can really hold..

Wish us luck as we drive to in-laws in Vancouver for Thanksgiving 2 hours away...

Finally I found One!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been looking for a shower curtain FOREVER... well one that i like and that is in our budget... I found one!

From Urban for 24.99 on SALE...WOOO HOOO my kind of deal... Now if only we can finish our bathroom wainscoating....

Woman behinde the lens..

As I was laying in bed last night I was thinking that I never said who took the pictures that I posted..they are by Lavenda Memory.


Another Day of Make-up and Photography

Joelle looking like a beautiful Blonde

Lauren looking like Audrey Hupburn..Beautiful I mean it.. was stunning.. she can work over the Camera!=)

Oh and Nalia stole the spotlight for a few shots!

Nalia Rain....

Nalia Rain.. I can post more pictures of her than my other little one on the way.. other one is too hard to photograph...at this point in his/her life....

You can see the baby on the ultra-sound machine!

First Ultrasound!!!!!!!..sweet baby Henry

I volunteer at the Pregnancy Alternative Center and they asked me last minute to come in and make sure that the ultrasound machine was working proplerly...Of course i said YES!
Here are the shots!

On Dec.20th I find out if i am having a boy og girl... WOO HOO

Beautiful Joelle

Lauren Hurt and I teamed up and did a photo-shoot...I did make-up and hair and she did of course the photography and did a AMAZING job...

Good News!

Last night at my app we found out a few cool things!

My mid-wife is 12 weeks pregnant!!! SOOO COOOL
We heard little "Henry's" heartbeat.. on doppler...she said it was strong... thats my BOY
And had a great time all around!!

Were excited!

10 weeks is here!FIRST APPT TUE@7

Pregnancy so far...

Well with Nalia I felt great I exercised til the day I was in labor with her... did my cardio and light weight routine. I remember early on telling the doc that I cant be pregnant cause I felt so GREAT... I had times of feeling sick from not eating on time or just being so darn tired but nothing that really slowed me down. My hair grew..skin was perfect for me...I loved being pregnant.

The one that I miscarried. though the baby died at about 9 weeks I still felt good. I still have the hormone levels going up in my body so I was going on as if i was still pregnant... with this pregnancy i felt a little more sick at times... tired... but still could fully handle Nalia who was just one... I went to week 13 w/this pregnancy til I got the D&C. Also my HCG hormone levels were higher than what they were suppose to be...so that made me still feel pregnant even when baby was dead.

So when I was pregnant with baby#3 i thought that I had pregnancy totally under control... BOY was i in for a SURPRISE!
Well with this one I feel so tired that its like I am drunk and hung-over, high, and on a acid trip all at the same time.... I am OUT OF IT! I feel like someone is pushing in on my GAG reflex most of the day..Nights are worse.. I wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick and so hungry.. I get up and eat,.. then i am WIDE awake... so i watch a movie.. then sit there in dark...Usually this starts around 3 and i fall back to sleep at 5. I am still trying to work out at least 3 times a week. ..another thing that has caught me by surprise is with Nalia working out made me have more energy.. this time i am dead tired by 11.
I am HAIRY.. I mean it. When Travis says wow caylan you have more hair on your tummy that I do you know its bad.. i mean he is sooooo oblivious to everything...the fact the hair caught his eye means it BAD!Oh and something really funny is that Jessica told Casey that my belly looks like his when its not waxed... Just so everyone know i am keeping up on waxing for now on....
I have Hard..gross ..nasty zits on my face...the ones that hurt and kinda give you a headache... GROSS i tell you... and being brown in not really helping me out as far as hiding them...
Pants are already fitting tight to the point that I cant sit while they are buttoned. My citizen jeans fit a little higher so they hurt a bit.
My armpits smell sooooooooooo gross.. I mean when i had trav smell them he gaged..I do shower daily ..to clear that up as well...

I am not a dramatic person...I am not seeking and wanting attention..But this pregnancy has taken me for the RIDE OF MY LIFE back to PUBERTY...
But as my mom always says.."this too shall pass"

I bet trav never thought that only 3 years into marriage i would turn into a stinky hairy zitty monkey,, good thing he can see past it all... So much for the pregnancy GLOW...

Now I am not complaining..just stating fact. I still LOVE being pregnant... LOVE IT.
This one just takes alot more grooming and manicuring...HA..

All I gotta say is that this BOY is working me over!

Things I like :
Anything with Salt..apples and salt...
oranges and salt...sunflower seeds...cucumber and salt...cloud 9 french fries..
i put salt on all these things before I was pregnant.. just tastes even better now..

Its hard to take a picture so that you can see the bump..but its there....this is at 9weeks...