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What were going to start..cant wait

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I wont toast to this!

There are 4 ingredients in Dasani bottled water:water, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, salt

Water is a molecule which consists of 2 hydrogen atoms bonded to and atomof oxygen.

Your body is over 2/3rds water.So is the Earth.

Magnesium sulfates are more commonly called Epsom salts.

They can be ingested, but they are a laxative, among other uses.Salt is salt. I'd go deeper into it, but you get the idea.

If you will notice the 3rd ingredient is potassium chloride.Image:Potassium chloride.Any idea what Potassium chloride is? You do if you've ever been executedby lethal injection.Lethal injection has 3 steps: first, Sodium thiopental: to render the"offender" unconscious; second, Pancuronium/ Tubocurarine: to stop allmuscle movement except the heart. This causes muscle paralysis, collapseof the diaphragm, and would eventually cause death by asphyxiation. Last:Potassium chloride: to stop the heart from beating, and thus cause death.That's right kids. Dasani water contains an ingredient that has stopped many hearts from beating. Yet it is in Dasani water, which is produced bythe Coca Cola Bottling Company.Coca Cola doesn't think water is good enough as it is.So they add regular salt and epsom salt.~SALT MAKES YOU THIRSTY~~YOU DRINK MORE WATER WHEN YOU'RE THIRSTY~It is 'enhanced' with these 'minerals' for a 'clean, pure taste'

enjoy your next Dasani!

Ionized water...

ok so many things have been changing my life!

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Benefits -Antioxidant RICH!!!!! They are delivered to the body in smaller cluster of water molecules so they are able to reach and penetrate in places other antioxidants might not.

PH level is alkaline. Which regulates our acidic bodies. The acid build up created by the foods that we eat and the soda and coffee that people drink is broken down.

You will feel SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more energy.

Also a VERY clear mind. both of these are cause there is more oxygen to the blood.

If you suffer from being constipated..suffer no more.

My milk supply has doubled...

I feel like a new mom and wife. I have more energy patience. I am buying a machine and will give out a weeks worth of free samples. You will want to buy one.

The best thing is that distilled,bottled,purified water.. none is this is the best thing for your body,

I know that this sounds so weird but once you try this water you will never go back.

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